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Let's face it

Good intentions don’t change your life...

Habits Do

What is Myodisee?

Habit formation programs with coaching.

How can it help you?

Building positive habits is especially useful in these areas:

Stress - Focus - Studying - Exercise - Healthy Lifestyle - Quitting a Vice

Why does it work?

45% of our daily actions are automatic. These automatic actions are known as habits. We have programmed habits with unconscious incompetence our whole life. MyOdisee programs make it enjoyable, simple, and easy to start programming the conscious changes you want for lasting change.

Are you a good fit?

The best way to see if you are a good fit for a MyOdisee program is to contact Joshua directly. Some of the more common reasons are as follow:

  • A relationship is stressing you out 

  • You're successful in business but not at taking care of yourself

  • You used to be an athlete and now can't seem to eat right or workout

  • You want to quit smoking or another vice

  • You can't look away from your phones for more than 5 minutes and need better focus

  • Your employees don't do what is expected, every time


How i can help you


Understanding yourself and identifying gaps to grow into


Deep commitment and introspection to mold the you that lays beneath


Stop making excuses and get "IT" done

Hero's Journey

An adventure that you will want to write an autobiography about