Let's face it

Good intentions don’t create sustainable improvements...

Habits Do



Common challenges where developing habits provide sustainable results:

 -Instituting new policies -Developing an accountable culture -Poor or lack of communication between departments -Talent development -Active listening managerial skills -Client retention -Client adherence  -Increased awareness of how habits affect productivity -Improved relationships and engagement

Common types of businesses we work with:

  • A habit of healing- Physical therapists, Chiropractors

  •  A habit of homework: High schools, Educators 

  •  A habit of communication: Hospitality,  Skilled trades, Sales 

  •  Habitual Leadership-Financial industries, Tech industries 

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Common challenges MyOdisee provides solutions for

 -Framework for growth with volunteers -Develop target population habitual behavior -Routine accountability -Daily safety practices -Protocol adherence -Greater agility and adaptability

Types of organizations we commonly work with:

  • Non-profits, Charities, Municipal or State

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Personal Clients

 Form new habits in just about anything.

-Time management -Personal health -Communication -Financial -Meditation -Sleep -Relationship -Cleanliness -Anger -Gratitude -”Breaking” bad habits 

What kind of person do we typically work with?

  • Seemingly successful people who “win” in one part of their life but seem to struggle in others. 

How can habit formation help you?

Which personal program is right for you?


Understanding yourself and identifying gaps to grow into


Deep commitment and introspection to mold the you that lays beneath


Stop making excuses and get "IT" done

Hero's Journey

An adventure that you will want to write an autobiography about

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