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Ignite the Culture! 
Retain talent and customers through coaching

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What Clients Say

"Josh has become my most trusted advisor. He has helped me completely reform my company's culture. From re-writing our vision and mission statements to navigating staff challenges he has been great.."
-Jared B. President of Movin & Lubin

Organizational Coaching and Employee Strategy

What is the MyOdisee approach? 

With every client, the engagement goes something like this: Actively listen to the clients unique problem, provide perspective on solutions, communicate solutions, get buy in from the teams, holding team members accountable, coaching through challenges, employee strategies. keeping the cultural shift fire burning bright.

Why is the MyOdisee approach more effective? 

  • MyOdisee uses well trained coaches with real world experience.

  • We don't pretend to know the solution to every problem, we actively listen

  • We provide individual coaching within the organization, weekly in most cases. 

  • We create specific action plans for the organization.

  • The MyOdisee app helps hold people accountable.  

  • We can draw on years of experiences to make pivots 

  • We aren't about volume, we are about quality


Why do organizations typically call on us?
Typically organizations call on us once they realized there is a problem in the below areas (please note that you don't have to wait until there is a problem. An ounce of prevention will save you and your organization a lot of money).  

  • Talent Retention

  • Employee Productivity 

  • Customer Retention 

  • Communication 

  • Employee/team strategy 

"Miscommunications are listed as the #1 reason people problems arise."

Myodisee knows that communication truly is key. Our coaches go through significant training that focuses on communication tools and habit formation science.  

MyOdisee coaches pride themselves on their communication skills. This allows them to hear the real challenges our clients face. Because of these communication skills, we get results that can not be realized in any standardized program.


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Organizations THAT TRUST US


Common False Narratives 

"Well everyone is having trouble retaining good talent" 
This is not true and likely a justification that doesn't allow the organizational leader to see a blind spot. Truth is there are many companies that retain their talent because they have established a great culture. We help you ignite your culture.

"People don't work as hard as they used to":

People don't just want to work for work sake. People now want fulfillment in what they do. They are not willing to hate their jobs just to put food on the table. How exciting of a time we live in that this is possible. Hire us to build a culture that nobody wants to leave.

"Customers come and go, it's just a part of business"
Customer retention is as important (or more in our opinion) than landing new customers. Retention with good communication means referrals and related sales. Hire us to build communication strategies to get more out of your existing business.

Skills our Coaches Excel In:
Active Listening, Empathy, Trust, Likability, Professional Soft Skills, Perspective and Expectation setting

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What Clients Say

"I highly recommend Joshua and MyOdisee. We are growing rapidly with many new faces. Having him support our efforts by getting our leadership team aligned and on the same page has been very helpful"


-Jenny N. HR Sprecher Brewery

For Talent & Customer retention

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