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Accountability coaching is for the person or group that knows exactly what they want to work on, but need somebody to keep it in focus. Many times in business or life we have a great idea, but the execution falls by the wayside. With accountability coaching your great idea stays a priority. 


The business or client brings MyOdisee a specific task to for us to execute an accountability plan. MyOdisee creates an analytic baseline, creates a plan of attack with the client, becomes the energy behind the change, and consistently measures results. 

Common uses for accountability coaching in Business: 


  • Visionary sees too many shiny objects

  • Vision/Mission statements need to be top of mind

  • New milestones need to be focused on 

  • Talented leader doesn’t stay in own lane 

  • Factory safety or productivity goals 

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-Common uses for accountability coaching for personal use


  • Workout more 

  • Quit smoking 

  • Eat healthier 

  • Improve communication 

  • Create more time for oneself

  • Lose weight

  • Meditation

  • Physical therapy

"I have learned some things about myself as well as made a path for what I want from myself. Josh has held me accountable on my journey and coached me through the challenging times"


~Sam (Accountability client)

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