How do you develop positive habits?

Odisee Complement program turns positive habit forming into a fun game. 

Managing stress

The name of this game is lowering your stress levels. What is your average daily stress number? Check out the life ladder to the the right and see where you fall on an average day.

Do you fall between 3-8? If so, the complement program is for you. It is a daily, gamified program where you are incentivized to get into a healthier routine. It can focus on communication both with self or others, breathing, organization, or a plethora of other topics based on what your strengths and weaknesses are. The goal is to get into a routine that allows you to empty your stress bucket efficiently and consistently.

The Complement program consists of near daily tasks that generally take no more than 10 minutes/day. Tasks normally do not require any pre-planning. You get your task text/email the night before you are scheduled to do it. Each task has a point value associated with it. You accumulate points to level up within our program. Leveling up within the program mirrors how most martial arts operate. You accumulate points and earn badges which validate your learning and make it more fun. Your ultimate goal is become a Sensei in stress management. Become a Sensei and you will be free of stress, enabling you to be a better father, mother, sister, brother, or friend. Free yourself from your stress and you can serve others to your full ability.

First month of the Complement program is FREE if you already have a gym membership with a participating gym. To find out if your gym is on the list please email me.

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