What to expect

Below is an in depth look at an example client I named "Mr. Persona". Mr. Persona should give you an example of what to expect as you progress through MyOdisee programming. 


Programs are all personally tailored. 

Get ahead with Mr. Persona and see what steps “Mr. Persona” took to manage his stress.

Brief Synopsis_.png

Step 1

Information Gathering

Mr. Persona took the MBTI 16 personalities test and the MyOdisee intake process. Here is Mr. Personas information that I would base the enrichment program around. 


  • 40 years old 

  • Male

  • Divorced

  • 1 Child

  • College educated

  • Monetarily successful. 

  • Feeling stuck 

  • Stress level average a 7

  • Debater personality type (ENTP on Myers Briggs scale)

  • Wants more time for themselves 

  • Focusing on daily tasks a chore

  • Dislikes the mundane daily tasks

  • Doesn’t like to try new things

  • Works out 3 times a week

  • Would like to eat healthier

Step 2

Enrichment Program

Once information was gathered Mr. Persona completed the Enrichment Program. It is one week where actions are given that challenge how deep some of the feelings are. 

Enrichment program goals:

  • To asses and evaluate client actions

  • To gather what is most important to Mr. Persona to work on 

  • Identify underlying stress points

  • To understand Mr. Persona’s commitment to improvement

  • To form a bond between myself and Mr. Persona


*Note-Actions speak louder than words. Enrichment program is designed to learn more about yourself through actions. The program is a precursor to your improvement programs.


Here is an example 1-week Enrichment Program-


   In this 7 day program we are looking to find the resistance points within your life. These 7 tasks will not be easy for you, but we will learn where your sticking points are, to then start attacking them. Most people struggle during these 7 days because it is outside of their comfort zone. That’s ok, and if it begins to be too much you do not have to finish. That said, it is a requirement to  reflect on why it was difficult. 

   Each day you will have a worksheet prompt that asks a few questions. You are required to answer those questions and describe your experience from that day. After that is complete you may check the action as complete. You will get text reminders throughout the day from the program. During your Enrichment program I am always here to answer questions for yourself. 


Day one: Meditation for a total of 30 minutes

Calming your mind and being in the present is one of the greatest tools that we have to combat stress. It is also a wonderful tool to build some structure in our lives. There are different ways to meditate and breath and I leave it open to how you want to accomplish this goal. That said, whatever style you choose, you have to be alone and in a quiet room (other than a guided meditation). You do not need to do 30 minutes straight of meditation which is impossible to start with for some people. As an example, you could do 6 5-minute sessions and that would complete the task as well. 


Day two: No Sugar or carbs for 24 hours. 

We know going into this that diet is a pain point for you currently. Not eating any sugar or carbs for 24 hours is a nice way to figure out how severe the addiction to bad food is. In this 24 hour period you can not eat any breads or grains, can not eat out, no soda’s or Gatorade, can not have most fruits, can not have most condiments, and obviously no deserts. 

What you can eat are most things green, meat, veggies, avocados, and most non processed things. If you have any questions if you can eat something I am just a text away. 

Your no sugar lasts from midnight to midnight.

Day three: Spreading love

Today you are going to be an active beacon for love in your life. You will take time to have a conversation with your wife and deeply explain to her why you love her and why you will continue to love her. You will talk with your kids about love and why you love them. At work you will have conversations with all the people you work with praising them for something and showing gratitude for them. Today is all about expression.

Day four: 300 Spartans 

Today is the only real physical challenge. Throughout the day you will do 300 push ups, 200 sit ups or crunches (depending on your neck or back), and 100 body weight squats. 

Day five: Self Esteem

Today you will put together a list of the top 10 things that you like about yourself. I then want you to explain why you like them and examples of where you used those talents in your life. Share this list with me through the MyOdisee program. 

Day six: Honoring the past 

   Today you will tell the story of no less than 3 people that you served with that made an impact on your life. Who you tell these stories to is up to you but make sure to tell them in depth and really pay attention to your feelings as you are doing it. Share those stories in brief on MyOdisee program. 

Day seven: Random acts of Kindness

Today you are required to do at least 3 Random acts of kindness for people. It does not need to be large or require spending money. 

Step 3

 Mr. Persona chose a program: 

Accountability, Truth, Hero’s Journey

The main difference between the 3 is coaching time spent with me and goals. 

  • Accountability, I set up the actions with you, we create goal metrics, we create reminders, and you get 15 minutes of coaching twice a month (30 minutes/month) this is great for self starters and people who are trying to quit a specific habit. 

  • Truth, I set up actions with you, create goal metrics, we create reminders, we set up weekly, accountability checks and coaching for 30-45 minutes (3-4 hours/month) During the coaching we go over sticking points, your metrics, ways that you can improve inside the program, and over all well being and stress levels. Your progress is made into a game with points and ways to level up. Great to lower stress, improve positive traits, or learn positive habits like making more time for yourself.

  • Heros Journey, we set up a large bucket list item and I break down how to get there. A Hero’s journey doesn’t focus on personal development so much as it focuses on the large bucket list item accomplishment. Actions are also gamified with complete metrics. All the structure from the Truth program plus white glove treatment to hit the massive goal.

The Truth program is most common, therefore to continue our example Mr. Persona chose the Truth program

Step 4

Embrace the program, form new habits

Here is an example first month of a truth program with a copy of metrics that come along with it. 


Day 1-30 action: 

Daily Gratitude. 1-2 minutes a day.

Mr. Persona receives 3 reminder texts spaced throughout the day from the MyOdisee accountability app. When he receives them he takes a couple seconds to feel grateful about something in his life. Details are worked out in the coaching sessions. 

At the end of the day Mr. Persona must respond to a text giving his overall stress level 1-10 for that day.

He must also log on to the MyOdisee accountability program (easy from your phone or computer) and fill out a journal prompt that should take no more than a minute. Prompts have questions like “What were you thankful for today” and “How did your thoughts change when you received the reminder texts” 

Points are assigned based on completion of the action, completion of the journal, and timeliness. Bonus points can be awarded by the coach.

Overall- Mr Persona should not spend over 3-4 minutes per day on his actions. Running a marathon does not start by running 20 miles a day but likely less than one. 


Here are example metrics that you can expect to see every month to measure progress. 


Daily stress



As you can see Mr.Persona’s first month was a success. He only had 3 days that was at or above the 7 that he came in being consistently at. We set a goal of being at a 5 or under and he 23 days at or lower than goal.


Daily Points tracker


Here is Mr. Persona’s point tracker. ) points means that he forgot to do the action or chose not to. 5 points would mean it was really half assed. 10 points means he did it but was late. 15 points means he did it well. 


Total points cumulate. 


Mr. Persona did very well and accumulated 340 points in the one month period. He must earn 800 and a badge to level up.