This is the MyOdisee brand of Life coaching. We help you develop the habits needed to “Get Ahead and Stay Ahead” as our slogan says. Our coaches will actively listen and give you an educated and non judgemental viewpoint on the challenges you face. 


Each coach is trained in habit formation psychology, neuro-linguistic programing and active listening techniques. Our coaches become a consistent staple in your life with many clients wondering how they got along without them. Interested? Click here to chat with one of our coaches today! 

Habit Coaching is common for those individuals that: 


  • See growth opportunities within themselves 

  • Would like to gain an advantage at work

  • Would like to develop more meaningful personal relationships

  • Enjoy continuing education 

  • Are struggling with a particular aspect of life

  • Are stuck in a rut

  • Challenging things commonly happen to them that prevent them from doing what they want

Habit coaching is our most popular choice for individuals that work with MyOdisee. They become an open forum. Our coaches are experts at helping you gather the most information on any challenge then helping guide you through the decision or action process. When challenges arise we often have blinders on based on the biases we have learned throughout our years. While biases can be helpful, they can also be detrimental as well.  

"With Joshua's experience and approach, I am more equipped to add the positive habits I want from life"  

~Nick (Habit Coaching Client)

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