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Did you know 65% of us do not complete the doctor recommended plan of care?

It isn’t that we don’t want to, its that we forget! The doctors simply give us tasks that are outside our normal routines and we have no cues or cravings to remind us to do it.

We do not make a habit of healing. 

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With the MyOdisee Habit of Healing Program 

  • We make the action of doing the Plan of Care into a game with points, badges, and goals

  • We hold you accountable daily by checking in via text or email

  • We have multiple metrics to track progress

  • Motivational Coaching and habit formation tips in other facets of life.

Our habit of healing programs are only $89/month and come with a money back guarantee.

If you complete the program and do not heal faster than the average time given you receive 100% of your money back.

How much is healing faster worth to you?

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