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The Hero’s Journey program focuses on the clients bucket list item. I then develop a program how to get the client from where he/she is currently to the point where they can attain their bucket list item. Examples include scaling a mountain, sailing across a sea, skydiving, run a marathon, write a book amongst a plethora of other things. In each one of these examples there takes a certain level of mental, physical, and emotional readiness to complete the goal. I also take care of all the little details of the “how” to complete the task. Type of boat to sail, what race to run, where to stay, MyOdisee is your goal accountability partner.

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Clients can expect a varying degree of hours spent getting ready for their Hero’s journey. This is the only MyOdisee program where you know your whole calendar of events gearing up towards the actual bucket list item. Each week has little challenges that have point values. The points incentivise completion of the program. Each point earned goes to the MyOdisee Level up program. Within the program we set point goals and can even compete against others who have done a Hero’s Journey.

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The Hero’s Journey program is normally the most enjoyable program I offer. Clients are incentivised and held accountable to accomplish a dream of theirs. I feel honored to be able help them accomplish their lifetime goal.

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