As a leader, there is nothing more important than direction. A boat does not go forward if each rower is going their own way. MyOdisee brings all the tools needed to create a congruent message throughout the business.

These messages direct the actions of the team. The actions of the team make up the culture of the business. The culture of the business drives success, productivity, turnover, happiness and almost every other metric you care about.

Internal coms 10.png

To build on your companies culture MyOdisee provides these internal communication tools:

  • Framework for writing your Vision statement, Mission statement, elevator pitch, core values, etc.

  • Checking current communications for congruence with strategy 

  • Writing long term milestone communication plans 

  • MyOdisee holds leadership accountable for congruent messaging 

  • In house communication strategies 

Who in your organization is in charge of fanning the company culture flame? 


MyOdisee becomes the energy behind your companies internal messaging. Consistence and congruence delivers results! With our Corporate Culture Data Collection it is easier than ever to measure your progress. 

Now is the time to commit to culture. Click here to bring the MyOdisee flame to your businesses culture!