The golden key referred to above unlocks information. Leaders often carry egos that make them good at their jobs, but as a result are sometimes poor at seeing challenges from all points of view. The coach can see what the leader can’t. Coaching takes off the blinders so your leaders can make the best possible decisions because they have most information from a wider perspective.


At MyOdisee our coaches have real world experience as leaders in organizations. They have lead, been taught, and continue to learn. Our coaching style focuses on active listening skills and integrity in communication. We love our clients and they trust us. 

MyOdisee tailors it’s coaching to the individual. This includes: 


  • Trackable daily actions

  • One on one sessions

  • Online app support 

  • Accountability tracker

  • Data driven improvement

"Leadership coaching with Myodisee has solved all issues with trust that had plagued the company. Once we trusted each other with Josh's help, all the pieces started to fall in place."

~Jared Bell, Owner Movin n Lubin

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