Group programs with online coaching throughout. Our lifestyle programs are created from the strengths and passions of our coaches. They focus on the first steps of building a habit of an action. 

Common programs are meditation, physical activity, breathing, gratitude, anger awareness, time management and money management. Programs are updated monthly and the upcoming schedule can always be found on this page.

Our lifestyle programs are 28 days in length and require daily action. The daily action is very light at first and increases as the program progresses. Our coaches who have designed the program will be available for online support as will power wains and you fight to pick up the new habit. 


Inside the MyOdisee app stories of success and struggle are encouraged to be shared. These open and non judgemental communications supply support for you as you embark on this journey. 

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Programs are limited in capacity so when a program is listed it is suggested to sign up for it immediately to avoid losing your spot. Cost for lifestyle programs may vary but the majority of them are $25. Below is the updated schedule, with links to sign up today!

No upcoming events at the moment