The MyOdisee Multivitamin is an online program to increase happiness in just 3 minutes per day. It is a mixture of 3 daily actions with reflection that has shown to increase happiness levels in participants. 



The Multivitamin program focuses on breathing, gratitude, and mediation as a cornerstone to personal happiness. Our coaches will stop in periodically online to monitor the progress of the individual. The participant sends weekly worksheets that track your happiness over time in ten different categories. Participants are also sent videos and articles hand picked from the MyOdisee library to support the new Journey.

We know that not everybody has a company that works with MyOdisee or has the money/time to immerse themselves in Habit or Accountability coaching. This multivitamin is for everyone, always as a service to our community. To increase the happiness and love shared with others. We invest our money and time to increase the joy in our community. If you like this idea please share this page with others.

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Interested in the Myodisee Multivitamin? It is FREE starting January 1st! It is our way of giving back to the community. Click HERE to get started!

Why did we choose Breathing, Meditation/Prayer and Gratitude? These three actions are an easy and proven way of cracking the door to a balanced healthy lifestyle. The Multivitamin tackle all 3 components of wholistic health, Mind body and spirit. 

The Physical and Emotional Benefits of controlled breathing:

  • Reduce stress levels in your body.

  • Lower your heart rate.

  • Lower your blood pressure.

  • Improve diabetic symptoms.

  • Reduce depression.

  • Better manage chronic pain.

  • Better regulate your body's reaction to stress and fatigue.

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Benefits of developing a habit of gratefulness

  • Improved sleep

  • Increases your social capital

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Heals and relaxes

  • Lowers stress levels

  • Makes you more likable. 

  • Makes you look better to others. 

  • Improves decision making.

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Clinically Studied Benefits of Meditation

  • Reduced Stress

  • Emotional Balance

  • Increased Focus

  • Reduced Pain

  • Reduced Anxiety

  • Increased Creativity

  • Reduced Depression

  • Increased Memory

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