Stick to making New Year resolutions

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Over 50% of America still has faith in themselves that a New Year resolution will yield the results wanted. Statistically 80% of those resolutions will end in “failure.” Many experts are calling for an end to this silly practice. To those experts, I say HOGWASH.

The reason most people fail is the lack the framework or structure to succeed in carrying the weight of the task. Saying that you want to run a marathon in 2020 and you haven’t ran a mile in 5 years is just not feasible. Same with saying “I want to get back into shape” is not feasible for somebody who has never been in shape.

Let’s take the popular New Year’s resolution of losing weight as an example. Let’s say you, the reader of this blog, have a goal of losing 20lbs in 2020. This is realistic in theory, but what does it take to get there? You need to change your diet, you need to start working out, you need to stop drinking so much, etc. You have programmed habits already in place when it comes to your diet, exercising, and drinking. These habits are the subconscious program that we default to when we don’t consciously choose something different.

If a diet conscious reader chooses to eat a salad instead of a Cinnabon they are used to it is a choice that requires will power. Being of a sound mind and even better spirits this decision can be easy. What happens when you are stressed out however? How about you’re stressed out, have a million things going on in your mind, and there is a Cinnabon right in front of your face? The weight of the choice is to heavy to carry so you will go back to your default and eat that Cinnabon.

To compound the problem, when the reader fails under those circumstances they become harder on themselves. This adds more stress making going back to salad eating even harder. This downward momentum ends in going back to the readers original programming and they will add 10 lbs this year instead of lose 20.

There is a way out, and for the vast majority of us it is not through supreme control of our will power. It is through building the right habit structure to support our goals. Let’s take the reader example of losing 20lbs. Remember to accomplish this we need to alter our diet, start exercising, and limit our drinking.

Those are by themselves big goals, often too heavy for the support structure you have in place. Start your resolution with “I am going to eat a salad 5 days a week on my way to losing 20lbs this year.” Make the ‘salad 5 times a week’ goal through the month of January. Do nothing else that would add stress to your goal. This means not to get mad if you don’t work out. Don’t get frustrated with yourself if you keep the same drinking habits.

You will eventually tackle those other issues to hit your goal but you will tackle them later in the year, when your support structure is better in place. It is important to note what the real goal is. It is not to just lose 20lbs, but it is to live happily 20lbs lighter, indefinitely. If you lost 20lbs tomorrow and put it all back on next week would that make you happy?

This leads us into why I say stopping the act of resolutions is hogwash. If nothing else, a New Year resolution brings us an opportunity to think about our happiness. What are we proud of, what would we like to improve, how can we better serve our loved ones amongst a few deep topics. There is no other time of year that we are so reflective of ourselves and the lives we want to live. Worst case scenario, you fail at your resolution after a week. Well, at least you drank less, ate right, and worked out for one week out of the year. That is still a win. Next year it may be two weeks and maybe 10 years from now you hit your goal. Everybody's journey is different. Appreciate yourself, enjoy any win, and the positive momentum will carry you where you want to be.

What is your New Year’s resolution? What would it mean to you if you were able to stick to your New Year resolution goal? How do you plan on succeeding this year?

If you are interested in working with me, there is a money back guarantee on all New Year resolution accountability programs. I will help you build the structure needed for long term success. I am one email away.

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