Stress Management: I Hear. I See. I Do.

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Parents, life coaches, teammates, and others who tell you a better way to do things are just wasting their breath.That’s not to say that most of the advice from these trusted people are not spot on, it is more of a critique of how we as humans learn.  We never make significant changes on what advisors say to us without making a choice to take action. There is an old Chinese proverb that sums this up perfectly...I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

How awesome would life be if we could just listen to one Tony Robbins video or one youtube from Gary V and our lives are permanently changed. Improvement is not a switch that can be turned on through verbal cues. The linguistics of change are only the first step. Bare with me the rest of this short blog as I breakdown an analogy that should help you change the frame around your personal development.

With clients of Odisee, I consistently use the analogy of your subconscious mind being a library and your conscious mind being a librarian. The external world, with its stresses, is the patron of the library with the librarian sorting it all out. Let’s use this analogy to explain why when you hear David Goggin’s on Joe Rogan you get charged up for a half day and then you go back to your normal self.

The patron brings a problem to the library that it would like solved. In this example case, the problem is your motivation for working out. The librarian does a quick search and points you in the direction of David Goggins. Unfortunately, the library doesn’t have shelved versions of the new David Goggins book “Can’t Hurt Me.” The best the librarian can do is tell the patron they will order the book and give inspiration saying how good it is. The Patron leaves and is REQUIRED to come back to get the book. The Librarian will not go to the patrons house to deliver the book, more action is needed on behalf of the patron. On the flip side, if enough patrons start requesting information on motivation for working out the Library will start storing that information and keep it on hand.

This helps people understand what is happening when you just listen. It is like taking that first trip to the library, that first google search, that first convo with your coach. All that is a great start, but without the follow up ACTION that first step will be lost, categorized as an inquiry into a non-popular topic.

​Through Odisee’s Gameified Action Plans, I learn about your personal “patrons” that frequent your library and make sure the patrons keep coming back to make the librarian order, unpack, and stock the latest greatest books to solve your patrons problem. Because each action plan has a game sense to it, your patron is incentivised to keep taking action and coming back to the library. What I am saying is, I learn about you and set up incentivised reasons for you to take action and learn. What you take away from a GAP is your prerogative. I don’t tell anybody to do anything, but encourage people to make choice and take action.

​This New Year provides an opportunity as a starting point to take action. If you want to make a serious change do yourself a favor and put this quote in your “library..."

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