The wave of change: surf or crash

Updated: May 14, 2020

History is in the making. Let’s join together and take a second to look at this pandemic not from our own perspective but the perspective of society as a whole. Not the individual tree, but the forest.

In the habit formation line of work it is common to run into men and women who feel they are stuck. With ever changing times many get too comfortable and complacent. The wave of change inevitably happens, however they stay stuck in the routines that they have developed over the last few decades. While some people face the fear and ride the wave of change, others crash into the rocks.

The clients who surf the wave of change tend to be looser in demeanor, more open to hearing new information. Their egos don’t search to be right, their minds search for wisdom. They are aware that in nature every system that is left to its own devices goes from order to disorder. This is the way of life so why fight it. They listen to what their God or the universe is telling them and ask for help when the timing is appropriate.

The clients who crash into the rocks are more rigid. They know EXACTLY who they are and where they are going to go. They don’t listen to anybody or anything that may be different as differing opinions are the enemy, they distract from what they know to be true. They fight to keep things inside their comfort zones, where they can feel that they are in control. A 100% control that they never find. The waves of change come and they fight for as long as they can. These people tend to hit a rock bottom and scream they need help when their life is in danger.

Each of these people will hit the shore as change is inevitable. Both options can be physically, mentally or emotionally hard. The ocean of life is unbound. It will constantly give us waves to surf or to ignore but either way we will be pushed by them. We have an equal amount of free will vs fatalism. The surfer can proactively direct himself to a sandy beach and continue on enjoying his short time but the ocean still pushes. The crasher hits the rocks at the whim of the waves, sustains mental and physical injury, makes life harder for him and his rescuers. No amount of personal will saves him against the constant ocean waves. The choice is in the perception of the event.

To choose one or the other you need to be aware that you have a choice in the first place. Perhaps this pandemic gives our society a subconscious choice much like my clients have had. Perhaps our society was stuck on comfort, deep down knowing it could do more. Perhaps our society fell into routines of how to handle the poor, the elderly, the disenfranchised, and the lost. Perhaps, in our hearts, we knew there was a better way.

Maybe our comfort level as a society has us losing perspective of how lucky we are. Many of us are living better than kings of lore. Food has always been a couple minute car ride to the grocery store. Our friends are just down the street at our favorite pub. We don’t like our boss so we can just go find another job. All of these things seem to be thought of as rights and not privileges. Maybe this is the wave of change we need to reset our perspectives.

We all don’t like that we don’t have a choice on whether or not the pandemic affects us. It sucks on some level for everybody. We do have a choice on how we navigate it. The Covid-19 pandemic is the ocean waves of change and you are now aware that we have a choice on who we would like to be.

“Hard times create strong men, Strong men create good times.” ~G. Michael Hopf.


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