Top 10 Things I Learned During “10 Days Without Running Water”

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

1. Cars or really anything with wheels is a luxury. Having to carry the water a sizable distance became quite the chore

2. Our bodies adapt quickly to change. Things that seem difficult over time become easier. By the 9th and 10th days of walking my body became used to it

3. Running water is essential to hygiene. I’m sure this is a “DUH” type of statement for some however I have never had to think about if it is more important to have a glass of water or to wash my hands after using the restroom. When you have a finite supply, you think about things like this.

4. When things get difficult zooming out helps. While carrying the water there were several times where a nagging type of pain would happen. In these instances I focused on trying to see the whole forest of life in that instant, not just that particular “pain” tree.

5. Well water really grows on you with taste. At first I thought it sucked, now I will keep a gallon in the fridge for me

6. I use A LOT of water: From long showers, to drinking, to laundry amount. I am a watercoholic that never realized I had a problem.

7. I feel a sense of pride from doing challenges like this. We as people are either growing or dying. I grew by going outside my comfort zone

8. It’s really hard to fully rinse yourself in the shower, to feel like you got a dish fully clean, and a plethora of little things I will now appreciate with running water

9. People outside of my normal social circle judged my choice to do this challenge. Some people thought it was stupid and some thought it was admirable. Either way, my goal was achieved. I certainly grew my bandwidth of perspective and raised a little bit of awareness and money while doing it.

10. Having a support group of people their for me and supporting me while I challenge myself makes all the difference in the world. A special shout out to Meghan who took time out of her world to walk 4 separate times with me! She is a rock star.

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