Professional Skills

MyOdisee coaches guide individuals as they program over recurrent behaviors that hold themselves back from higher productivity, being a better team player, or having a higher client/patient/customer satisfaction. Behaviors such as empathy, good communication, and trust are common.

Candidate for MyOdisee Empathy Coaching

“My patient satisfaction scores lower than expected and I believe it is because I just am not connecting with patients”

Daily small actions towards the right direction programs systematic change


Our Coaches Scope of Work with Individuals

  • Listening 

  • Helping the client listen to the challenges of the people around them

  • Creation of direction

  • Program placement (individualized)

  • Accountability 

  • Guidance through challenges

  • Analytics

The high art of handling people is our specialty.

A total stranger, who looks drunk comes up to you and asks for $20 dollars saying that he will give you $50 back next week. Do you give the stranger the money? Now let’s say Warren Buffet comes up to you and asks for $20 dollars and says he will give you $50 back next week. Do you give him the money? 

Abstract Flame


causes friction...

Black Grunge

Business Owners:

  • Does your office have a less than empathetic doctor, possibly with poor bedside manor?

  • Salesperson lack the ability to build lasting relationships with your clients? 

  • Staff include a productive yet challenging employee?

  • Business keep running into the same loop? 

  • Reaction to criticism begin with the statement “that’s just the way I am”?