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ICD for Personal Benefit

MyOdisee coaches skilled in ICD guide individuals as they troubleshoot, then program over recurrent communication behaviors that hold themselves back from happier relationships, more productive marriages, or having a higher personal satisfaction. Behaviors such as conveying empathy, body language, active listening and personal congruence are common themes worked on with Myodisee clients.

Communication is the heart of a relationship. 


67.5% of marriages end because of poor communication. 

70% of parents say they struggle to communicate meaningful with their children

53% of people find it difficult to make new friends because of low confidence in communication skills.

30% of millennials feel lonely often and do not know who to tell or what to communicate. 


Interpersonal Communication Development (ICD) is the answer!

Daily small actions towards the right direction programs systematic change


Our Coaches Scope of Work with Individuals

  • Listening 

  • Helping the client listen to the challenges of the people around them

  • Creation of direction

  • Program placement (individualized)

  • Accountability 

  • Guidance through challenges

  • Analytics

The high art of handling people is our specialty.

A total stranger, who looks drunk comes up to you and asks for $20 dollars saying that he will give you $50 back next week. Do you give the stranger the money? Now let’s say Warren Buffet comes up to you and asks for $20 dollars and says he will give you $50 back next week. Do you give him the money? 

Abstract Flame


causes friction...

Black Grunge

Business Owners:

  • Does your office have a less than empathetic doctor, possibly with poor bedside manor?

  • Salesperson lack the ability to build lasting relationships with your clients? 

  • Staff include a productive yet challenging employee?

  • Business keep running into the same loop? 

  • Reaction to criticism begin with the statement “that’s just the way I am”?

Candidate for ICD through MyOdisee 

“My patient satisfaction scores lower than expected and I believe it is because I just am not connecting with patients”

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