Are you?

  • Bored/stuck in life

  • In a major period of transition

  • An emotional rollercoaster

  • Up for learning more about you

Habit formation is a mental martial art. Just like any martial art you need a coach to support you on your journey.  

The MyOdisee Truth Program includes:

  • MyOdisee app
  • Multiple metrics to track progress

  • Gameified plans with points, levels, and badges

  • 2-3 hours/month personal coaching​

The program starts with a large personal development goal in mind. Common problems the Truth Program tackles are: living a boring/stagnant life, job dissatisfaction/purpose in career, waning or failing relationships with family/friends, general unrest in daily routine/not thriving. In the truth program the client can expect to commit to completion of tasks that could take 5 minutes to 5 hours a week. Due the more in depth tasks clients normally know what their tasks are a week in advance so they can plan on completion. Clients tend to spend more time communicating with me both before and after each challenge trying to decipher what it is they learned.

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