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Since 2017, we've been providing professional coaching services to organizations. Our mission is to build trust with leaders and coach their organizations to communicate congruently and strategically. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our focus is always on building an efficient organization culture so organizations can retain talent and customers.















It’s a wonderful life full of massive success and big failures. All of my experiences, and the wisdom gained, have led me to this point in history where I am able to share that wisdom, business acumen, and personal growth in a way that people trust.

Knowledge is the start. I Graduated from Pius XI highschool in Milwaukee, and then went to UW Parkside and UW Milwaukee. I further my education daily through online courses, voracious reading, active listening, taking action and having an open mindset. Knowledge is meaningless without the wisdom of when and where to apply it.

Wisdom in my life has been gained from both my successes and failures both personally and professionally. At the peak of my old business I had over 200 employees counting on me for their living. I understand the beauty and the curse of having money. I have failed at something I thought I couldn’t and have had great success in risky endeavors. I have trained in martial arts for the majority of my life and have earned a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through these and the plethora of other life events that have shaped me, I have learned that everybody's journey is different and I have a passion for guiding business and people through theirs. 

All of my story, both the “good” and the “bad,” has molded me into being an excellent coach. You can count on me to deliver a different perspective and you can trust that I will be honest with you when you (or your team) need it most. Please take the time to contact me and see if I am the right fit for you or your organization. I look forward to hearing from you!


  • Entrepreneur since 22

  • Previously owned 7 large scale bar restaurants and 5 cafe's with over 10,000,000 in yearly revenue

  • Has managed hundreds of employees

  • Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

  • Avid meditation practitioner 

  • Ham & Rolls podcast host. Check it out HERE

  • Personal mission statement "To acquire wisdom, and to share that wisdom with others."


  • Business culture

  • Internal and managerial communications 

  • Personal habit coaching



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MyOdisee Coach

I am a coach in the greater Milwaukee area who is passionate about spreading positivity within the world through company culture, personal enrichment, and martial arts. Throughout my life, I’ve been a natural motivator with 10 years of leadership experience running an organization with over 100 employees. As an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, member, and competitor with 70+ matches under his belt, I am able to find many parallels between my martial arts teachings and life's journey. I also send a daily message of positive encouragement to a number of people, reminding them to be grateful for the little things life gives us. Let us know if you'd like a daily message, I would be happy to add you to my group!

I’m the type of coach who can empathize with what you or your company may be experiencing! I’m able to intuitively understand what challenges are occurring and come up with a solution to better everyone involved. Together, you and I will create a strategy to overcome the current challenge. Through accountability and encouragement, you WILL be able to meet and exceed your expectations.

I specialize in understanding what values motivate us and how we can leverage ourselves to meet our fullest potential. Building positive habits to strengthen our mindsets helps us live with less stress in our life. Utilizing gratitude keeps us grounded and reminds us not to take anything for granted.

When they're not traveling the world, my wife and I enjoy hiking at the beach or around the city with their dogs. Or you'll find us at the dojo, improving our love for martial arts


  • Former GM of 40,000sq ft entertainment facility by 24 years old

  • Managed over $3,000,000 in yearly revenue

  • Employee of the year 

  • Myodisee habit coaching course graduate 

  • Self employed at 29 years old 

  • A BJJ Marriage podcast host. Check it out HERE

  • Sends daily encouragement message to subscribers every day for the last two years. Over 750 messages 


  • Positive mindset 

  • Self esteem 

  • Time management 

  • Habit formation 


MyOdisee Coach

I am married to Cinthya and we have three happy boys that are high on life.  In San Diego, CA I obtained my bachelor’s degree from Horizon University.  I also lived abroad for 15 years as I did missionary work.  After getting a Master’s Degree in Leadership I moved to Milwaukee, WI where I serve as the Executive Pastor at Oak Creek Assembly of God.  I am passionate about coaching and helping people achieve their God-given potential!  I have extensive experience in helping people reach their personal and professional goals.  


I love spending living life with my wife and three boys.  I also enjoy reading, biking, running marathons, skateboarding, and traveling.  I have traveled to 22 countries and I am looking to do much more.  For me everyday is an adventure!


  • Lived abroad for 15 years doing missionary work 

  • Have run 2 marathons with the first one on my 40th

  • Executive Pastor at Oak Creek Assembly of God

  • Happily married with 3 beautiful children

  • Bilingual 

  • Been to 22 different countries

  • MyOdisee Habit Coaching Course Graduate 

  • Still skateboard in my spare time


  • Personal health

  • Professional development

  • Finding your God given potential 



  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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