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The Impact of Poor Interpersonal Communication in Business:

  • Miscommunications cost the average business ~$4200 per employee in direct losses. The number increases drastically the more senior the employee.

  • Employees that work in environments that lack good interpersonal communication are 4.5 times more likely to leave. 

  • 44% of the time miscommunication is listed as the reason a project did not get completed or hit deadline

  • 31% of people that have low employee morale blame poor communication in the workplace

  • 18% of sales are missed because of poor communication 

The leaders communication within the business drives team culture. MyOdisee coaches are the guidance behind getting employee buy-in using ICD.  This includes  how to communicate policies, procedures, ethics, values, employee behaviors, employee attitudes, and goals. 



Red Flags of Poor Team Culture

Poor communicationLow production ratesGossip around the officeHigh turnover ratesYour employees are always late or absent Micromanaging Low trust

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A great team culture is one that is congruent with its actions and its words. Does the mission statement live in the employees hearts and minds?  Are all the leaders on the same page with their communications? Does the team make decisions consistently in line with company values? Do teammates trust each other to do the work? Does the team listen to each other?

97% of employees believe that communication impacts their task efficiency on a daily basis

According to a McKinsey report, well connected teams see a productivity increase of 20-25% 


  • MyOdisee takes a nuanced, relationship building approach that differentiates itself from others in the industry. 

  • MyOdisee is a monthly subscription based model with no contracts 

  • MyOdisee trains coaches in house who also have real world experience

  •  MyOdisee is the leader in ICD

Creation and/or Communication of:

Vision and Mission statements 

Company values 

Company ethics

Team Coaching:

ICD (Interpersonal communication Development) 


Team/Individual attitudes 

Accountability strategies 

Problem solving


High-conflict personality integration

Company Wide Implementations:

Business identity narratives 




Congruence checks

Our Experienced Coaches Scope of Work:


Culture building is equal parts art and science


Why Culture is Important (Employee Retention Example)


Your team's culture is important in both hiring and retention. In a recent survey 72% of people said company culture was a major factor in their decision to work at a given company. Of the top 8 reasons somebody stays at a job, 6 of them are culture related! Studies show that the total cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5-2X annual salary.

Would you like MyOdisee to execute its FREE culture scorecard with your team? 

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